Sports Betting In Wyoming

Sports Betting in Wyoming

Sports betting in Wyoming is legal, fun, and a great way to spice up even the most exciting events. Wyoming residents looking to bet on sports will have to do so online, where they’ll find lines on all of their favorite sporting events. In addition to all of the most popular American games, you’ll find odds on European sports, as well as global events like the World Cup and the Olympics.

Sports wagering in Wyoming can be done on any and all sporting events. In order to help you get started betting on all of your favorite events, this page has set out to answer common questions about placing bets in Wyoming. Here, we go over the laws that govern gambling in the state, as well as the legal age requirement to place bets on sporting events. We also answer questions like how to deposit and withdraw funds from sportsbooks, while recommending the best online sportsbooks available for sports gambling in Wyoming.

Does Wyoming Have Legal Land-Based Sports Betting?

To put it bluntly, not yet. The state did pass a sports betting bill in 2021, but that bill only legalized state-regulated online sportsbooks. Wyoming, is a lot like New Mexico when it comes to the fact that the state’s tribes have skipped the middle man and decided to launch sports betting on their own. But, the one tribe in Wyoming that has decided to launch a sportsbook still hasn’t done so. For anyone that wants to get the land-based sports betting experience, there is Wyoming and Colorado that they can travel to.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Wyoming?

Yes, online sports betting in Wyoming is legal. The state actually passed a bill in spring of 2021 to legalize state-regulated online sportsbooks which are set to launch in the later half of this year. But, there are also online offshore sportsbooks that have been legal for WY residents to use long before this bill was passed. These sites, like the ones we feature here on this site, have been featured in publications like Forbes, Fox Sports, and ESPN, and have been offering sports betting to people in WY for over two decades. The bill passed by the state doesn’t mention these sites at all so they are still totally safe to use. These sites are able to offer odds on non-sporting events as well which the state-regulated books won’t be able to. They’ll also be available to you if you travel outside of WY which the state-regulated online sportsbooks also won’t be able to do.

Wyoming Sports Betting Laws + Statutes

Whether you are an amateur or avid online sports gambler, it is helpful to be familiar with Wyoming’s gambling laws. This is why we decided to include a link to the state’s gambling commission which includes laws and rules for all gamblers and gambling entities to follow.

Which Sports Betting Sites Accept Wyoming Residents?

Wyoming residents are in luck because the top sports gambling sites accept them! The “why” of the matter is because the state laws and federal laws don’t affect them and have a huge market for Internet gambling, not to mention the entertainment value of betting online.

Because most sites accept Wyoming players, it’s important that you find a sports betting website that fulfills your needs. Does it have customer support? Is it easy to navigate? Are there several different sports to bet on? These are the kinds of questions you need to ask yourself before signing up. To get you started, the sites listed below are known for their safety, reliability, and easy-to-use betting platforms. Check them out now! Each is accessible to Wyoming residents.

Facts About Legal Online Sports Betting In Wyoming

  • Wyoming residents have online sports betting sites that are among the best in the world.
  • While you're in Wyoming you can bet sports, play casino games and poker at one of our featured Wyoming gambling sites.
  • Online sportsbooks in Wyoming accept deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Bovada Sportsbook - Top Ranked Wyoming Sports Betting Site

Bovada Sportsbook

From Jackson to Cheyenne it is unanimously proclaimed that Bovada is the top pick when looking for a place to bet on sports online. Bovada's online sportsbook has a lot to offer from industry standards like spread, futures, and total lines to exciting new features like live betting. It is hard to deny that beyond its slick appearance and shining reputation is a tried and true sportsbook that has been supported for over 20 years by loyal bettors. It’s not hard to see why either, Bovada makes a good first impression with registration taking less than 10 minutes and E-mail verification ensuring you will never have to deal with unscrupulous bettors.

Access to a mobile site also helps Bovada stand out; bet anywhere in Wyoming where your smartphone can get a network or WiFi connection. Bovada's mobile site is customized to work flawlessly across several platforms including many tablets. Phones supported include Android, Windows Phone, Apple iPhone 3 and beyond, BlackBerry, etc. Tablets supported include Apple iPad, Android powered tablets, Kindle, Nook + more!

SportsBetting's Sportsbook - Sports Betting Odds For NFL + MLB + NCAA + NBA

SportsBetting Sportsbook

The state of Wyoming is a new territory for the sports betting industry even though Nevada isn't too far away depending on where residents are geographically located. And even though Wyoming just recently allowed an official state lottery, they have no regulations on sites, like, that will result in anyone getting even a slap on the wrist for betting real money online.

The Wyoming online sportsbook just mentioned is among the best on the market, and they are known for offering more wager lines from week to week than most other websites from betting on PBR rodeos to betting on the next team to win the Super Bowl. And while Wyoming may not boast a boatload of mainstream collegiate teams, SportsBetting is a website that generally has weekly Wyoming Cowboys football odds in addition to preseason odds to win the Mountain West Conference each year.

BetOnline Sportsbook - Industry Leading Deposit Bonuses

BetOnline Sportsbook

Accessibility is a hard thing to find when it comes to sportsbooks online. Depositing money certainly has the potential to create a hassle, and when it does it can discourage the casual bettor that is not absolutely set on wagering this week. BetOnline does everything in its power to make certain funding accounts does not create undue tension even when credit and debit cards fail. There will be alternatives when this happens + new users should not fret because there are other ways to get money into accounts; sometimes the same funding method that failed directly can be used indirectly to send currency.

Any resident of Wyoming still wary of online sports betting is encouraged to check out BetOnline just to see what they have...nothing, not even an account, is required to view their betting lines and experiment with their interactive betting slip. If you like what you see, sign up with only minimal personal information and be verified to fund your new sports betting account in under 3 minutes depending on your connection.

Top Wyoming Sports Betting Sites

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Does Wyoming Allow Pari-Mutuel Betting?

Wyoming Downs is the only thoroughbred horse track in the state. Unfortunately, it is only open during special events and certain weeks in the summer.

Other Types of Gambling in Wyoming

In Wyoming, you can find a state lottery and a handful of bingo halls spread throughout the state. In addition, there are a trio of casinos that are Native American owned and operated. These tribal casinos include the Wind River Casino, Little Wind Casino, and the Shoshone Rose Casino. They offer table games, electronic gaming, and other games you would hope to find.

As you may have noticed, Wyoming does not have any commercial (destination-style) casinos. There are several reasons why this is the case, though the specifics are beside the point. The tribal casinos, on the other hand, exist outside of state law because of land sovereignty.

It is unlikely that Wyoming residents will see an increase or decrease in casinos or gambling opportunities in the near future. This isn’t terrible news, either, since it’s easier than ever to find a real-money sports betting and gambling site that accepts Wyoming residents.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet Sports Online in Wyoming?

When sports betting in Wyoming, there are several laws that need to be paid attention. One of these is the legal age to bet sports online in Wyoming. Residents must be at least 18 years of age or older before they create an account and lay money on a sporting event.

What Teams Can I Bet On In Wyoming?

You might not be able to find very many teams available for sports betting in Wyoming, but the great thing about using an online sportsbook is that you can wager on any team from any state that you’d like. Sports betting in Wyoming can even be done on teams and events held outside of the country. The possibilities are basically limitless.


  • Wyoming Cowboys

Nearby Professional Teams:

  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Minnesota Wild
  • Minnesota Twins
  • Denver Broncos
  • Denver Nuggets
  • Colorado Avalanche

Is Bitcoin Safe To Use For Sports Betting?

Bitcoin is not only safe to use for sports betting, it's actually one of the best ways to fund your account. It doesn't matter if you want to deposit $20 or $2000, bitcoin is the best forum to use for online transactions. The site itself uses top of the line encryption technology when you purchase bitcoins. The wallet where you store your funds is always secured by the best technology. When you transfer those funds from your wallet to your sportsbook account, your information will be protected by an SSL. There's almost no safer deposit method we'd recommend for sports betting in Wyoming.

Why Was My Credit Card Declined At BetOnline

Declined credit cards at BetOnline or any other sportsbook while sports betting in Wyoming can be incredibly inconvenient, not to mention slightly alarming. Unfortunately, though, it is not completely uncommon for residents to encounter this problem. When credit cards are processed for payment at online sportsbooks, they are run through your bank. Banks can choose to decline these payments, however, under the UIGEA, a banking regulation which tightens the usability of credit cards and bank wire transfers.

If your credit card is declined at BetOnline while you are trying to bet from Wyoming, it does not mean that you are in trouble or that you’re using a bad site. It just means that your bank does not want to process this payment because it is unsure of where you are sending the money. Basically, it’s them sticking their nose in where it doesn’t belong. Luckily, most online sportsbooks have multiple deposit methods available, giving residents the ability to continue sports betting in Wyoming with as little inconvenience as possible.